Albert Núñez, DVM, CVA, CRS


At a very young age Dr. Núñez developed a love of biology and medicine. This has always been his passion and later would become his purpose. He proudly inherited the work ethic, compassion and respect for alternative medical therapies from his Cuban parents and elders. He began his human medical studies at Universidad Central Del Este in the Dominican Republic, and then furthered his curiosity and thirst for knowledge by enrolling in veterinary school. In 1991 he graduated with honors from Ross School of Veterinary Medicine receiving his Doctorate degree. Dr. Núñez furthered his education and became certified in Veterinary Acupuncture and holds a degree from the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine with reciprocity from The University of Beijing in China.

With this background, Dr. Núñez became skilled at healing all creatures great and small. Healing through multiple modalities regardless of size or species has always been all that truly mattered.

He continues to study applied physics and alternative medical therapies in order to advance the standard level of care in veterinary medicine. This has resulted in the development of an integrated multimodal team-oriented approach for the caring of his patients.

He co-owns and operates two state-of-the-art integrative animal research hospitals in the greater Orlando area.

He is Chief Research Scientist and Co-Founder of INNOVARIUS.