Dog Training

Catherine Harvey, ACDBC, CPDT-KA

Catherine grew up in France and traveled extensively with her family throughout Europe. She lived in Africa as a child then moved to Paris, France and later on Aberdeen, Scotland, where she perfected her English. After graduating with a French Baccalaureate, majoring in languages, (English and Spanish), Catherine moved to Orlando. After raising her family, she decided to pursue her life passion-animal behavior. She founded “Pawsitive Canine”, a force free dog training company, based on bond-building and creating strong relationships with pet dogs. At the same time she graduated from Valencia College in Orlando majoring in Psychology. Through the years she graduated from the International College of Canine Studies as a CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer, knowledge assessed, and then obtained her certification as an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Her strong and positive minded training experience with force free methods and behavior modification techniques led her to write and teach the class (“Instinct leading to balance and obedience”) for the International College of Canine Studies. This class showcased the innovative way and the power of human non-intervention in dog to dog moderate conflicts. She illustrated to students that through body language dogs communicate and resolve their own conflicts without the need of human intervention.

After a few years of training and consulting, and still very passionate about how humans can understand dogs better, Catherine realized that many dogs were being euthanized due to behavioral problems. Most of these acquired behaviors stemmed from a lack of socialization or early aversive training, such as the use of punitive collar-jerking or electric shocks. Teaching puppies through positive based training methods, and low stress handling seemed to be a valid avenue to eliminate most of the unwanted and dangerous behaviors found in older dogs. Catherine’s innovative view on the canine world is not so much to train, but to teach our furry friends and their human parents in a different, gentle and kind way, producing wonderful relationships, based on trust and respect.

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