Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park

CT Scan

CT Scan

CT imaging allows us to see detailed, three-dimensional images of the inside of a pet’s body, and with these images, we can diagnose many different health issues. Traditional CT scans circle around the patient slowly numerous times, creating images in individual slices and piecing them together.

The NewTom 5G Vet Cone Beam CT at our sister hospital, Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida, is much quicker than traditional CT machines. It only needs to circle a pet once, drastically reducing the time the test takes. This means the pet is exposed to less radiation and requires much less sedation during testing. Plus, it generates higher-quality images than traditional machines.

We are excited to have this new technology at our sister hospital, as it allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose pet health issues.

We are happy to take referral clients and work collaboratively on testing with other local veterinary hospitals.