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Puppy & Behavioral Training

Puppy & Behavioral Training

Training and Behavior Counseling: The Key to A Happy Pet

For a dog, training is more like lifelong learning. Puppies need to understand the rules of your pack: housebreaking, greeting people, and all the basic commands that make them good family members. As an adult, unwanted behaviors may arise from a change in environment or the effects of aging—and yes, old dogs can learn new tricks!

Give Your Puppy Some Class

Congratulations on that adorable new family member! To go along with all the perks of having a pup, you must also accept the challenges—which can be just as much fun. Responsible pet parenting includes socialization, which involves exposing your puppy to new experiences and environments in a positive way. Many behavior problems can be avoided with consistent early learning techniques.

At the Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park, we offer a one-hour Puppy Upkeep Parenting (P.U.P.) class at our sister facility Integrative Animal Hospital of Central Florida. At this class you will meet with a veterinarian and other new puppy parents as you learn how to address common challenges such as mouthing, biting, impulse control, house training, handling, socialization and much more! You will also learn how to encourage good behaviors and avoid unwanted behaviors as you get the support you need to ensure you and your little buddy can thrive. For more information on our P.U.P. class, contact us at 407-833-8868 today!

Why Is My Pet Doing That?

If your dog is affected by fear, anxiety, or is displaying other unwanted behaviors, we are here to help! Animal Hospital at Baldwin Park is lucky to have Dr. Rebecca McIntosh, DVM on staff at our sister facility in Sanford to help you with your dog’s training and behavioral issues. Dr. McIntosh is a certified low-stress handler and has a special interest in animal behavior including dogs and cats of all ages.

With adult pets, it’s always important to rule out a physical reason for behavior issues, and Dr. McIntosh can assist you in determining the cause, as well as finding a solution for the problem. Her approach involves a thorough review of behavioral history, observation and evaluation of behaviors during consult, and a physical examination. She is also able to offer insightful training advice, behavior modification and other alternatives if the issue isn’t medical.

For more information on this service or to schedule a behavioral consultation with Dr. McIntosh, call us at (407) 897-8555 today!